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**Changes to the unit pacing may occur--please check planner images

for the most accurate homework assignments.  Assignments are

posted on the board and time is allowed to fill out planners


Week of March 14, 2016


Learn about persuasive argument writing and how to write a thesis statement

Choose a famous person to compose an essay about—read about this person with the informational article provided by Mrs. Reynolds—underline textual evidence you would like to include in your essay

Fill out a pre-write where you  record your textual evidence and thoughts for elaboration on your argument

HW:  must be completed by Tuesday

Tuesday-Cart B

Put your argument, textual evidence and elaboration into a graphic organizer.

Log into Writing Coach-begin drafting your introduction, and first body paragraph.—Remember—Username: your Google username/Password: H#pupil id

Back up your writing in a Google Doc if you cannot access Writing Coach from home

HW:  you can log into the program from home (or use Google Docs) and add to your essay if you are behind

Wednesday-cart B

Continue drafting—finish the next two body paragraphs.  Be sure to use the formula suggested

HW:  Body paragraphs should be done by tomorrow

Thursday-cart B

Draft your conclusion

Revise your essay today, using the feedback provided.

HW:  Only if you are behind

Friday-cart B

Your essay should be ready to submit today (due by the end of the class)

Fill out feedback and assessment sheet and attach to the front of your final typed copy.

HW:  none—have a wonderful spring break!

Week of March 7, 2016


Binder check completed and turned in—remember that table of contents is available in Moodle Classroom

Discuss and check over AIR practice test.  Discuss the multiple choice and the ten point essay.  Use checklist to see how you performed!

Read over first part of new activity—nonfiction personal narrative

HW:  Read example essay/brainstorm some ideas


Log into Writing Coach-demonstration of program—if absent you will need help with this to get started.  Log-in—Username: your Google username/Password: H#pupil id

Using brainstorm sheet, begin to draft in program—should finish the introduction and part of the body in class today.

HW:  you can log into the program from home and add to your essay if you are behind


Continue drafting—finish the body and complete your conclusion.

HW:  none


Revise your essay today, using the feedback provided.

Add dialogue and strong verbs, adjectives and sensory detail

HW:  none


Your essay should be ready to submit today (due by the end of the day)

Print out feedback and attach to the front of your final typed copy.

HW:  none

Week of February 29, 2016


Apply the checklist to your Theme Statement composition and your support sentences.  Opportunity to print and put on your theme vessel

In small groups, discuss three passages form the novel that contain symbolism.

HW:   Choose one passage/symbol in which to write about—draft your ideas

Tuesday-crate D,E,F, G, H

Peer/teacher feedback on your symbolism response draft

Final copy paper—or you can choose to type on a template your responses (use the folder link at the top of Moodle classroom to find the templates)

HW:  Complete the Reaction to the novel (last part of the folder)

Wednesday-Crate D and I for students to print

Students can print their reactions with chrome books

Final glue in day

HW:  none


AIR practice today!

Work with the practice test

HW:  none

Friday-shortened periods

AIR practice final day

The Watsons go to Birmingham movie today in the afternoon!

HW:  none

Week of February 22, 2016


Identify conflicts in the novel—Man vs. Man (Byron vs. parents, Byron vs. Kenny), Man vs. Society (civil unrest happening in 1963),  Man vs. Self (Byron vs. Self, Kenny vs. Self)

Read chapter 15 and epilogue paying close attention to the resolutions evident in the chapter.

Conflict/resolution drafting

HW:  Begin filling in graphic organizer


Peer Leader Day

Apply writing checklist to your own and peer’s writing-Time to draft in class

HW:  Make revisions and edits


Fold your conflict matchbook-Time to work on writing

HW:  Final Conflict matchbook due tomorrow


Theme Review

Compose a Theme Statement and gather evidence of theme to support your statement.

Fold the theme pot/vessels

HW:  draft of your support sentences.


Final copy of your Theme Pot—time to work on in class

Time to work on folder

HW:  none

Week of February 15, 2016


No school-President’s Day


Peer Leader Day

Setting Activity—handout—sketch out and compose your captions and your textual evidence as speech/thought bubbles.

There is a template in Moodle you can use to type your textual evidence and captions.  Illustrations must be hand drawn.

HW:   Setting illustrations are due on Thursday


Read Chapter 14

Participate in Chapter 14 historical activities and discussion (in Moodle)


Turn in Setting Illustrations

Read Chapter 15—while reading take note of any conflicts that seem to find resolution in the plot.

HW:  Read Epilogue


Conflict Review-notes

Draft one internal conflict from the novel of your choice and one external conflict of your choice.

HW:  draft must be complete.

Week of February 8, 2016


Put together the Fantastic Folder!  -cut out flashback flap and figurative language chart and glue in other items.

Time to type and print the vocabulary flip template—turn in at the end of class.



TEST—over first half

Read Chapter 11 when finished

HW:  Finish chapter 11


Setting (sensory and figurative details) discuss what these are

Read Chapter 12 and underline and label sensory details that help you visualize what the place is like

HW:  None

Thursday-no school-snow day


Read Chapter 13 and continue to underline and label sensory or figurative language that help you visualize what it is like—point out how these details help to set the TONE

HW:  none

Week of February 1, 2016


View Cause-Effect video in Moodle—in literature there are effects and their causes---and causes and their effects!

Read Chapter 6-divide chapter into the three causes and the three effects

Cause Effect Chain—Draft using transition words/phrases Causes and Effects from the chapter

HW:  Finish Draft/Final Fig. Lang. Chart due tomorrow


Check over Drafts-Assign final copy due Wednesday

Read Chapter 7

HW: Study for the test Wednesday—Review guide in Moodle/Final Cause Effect chain due tomorrow


Turn in Cause and Effect Chain

Vocabulary Flip Intro—Types of Context Clues--notes

Read Chapter 8-Use the word, "antenna" on the first page to show context clues and how logic is used to decode the meaning of the word.

HW:  Finish reading chapter 8 (4 pages)


Review for the test (next Tuesday)--using Socrative, in game format, take a sampling of test question and content types.

Time to work on vocabulary flip template--save in Google Docs

HW:  Vocab Flip final copy due Monday at the end of class-opportunity to print in class.


Read Chapters 9-label the common symbol--an angel--talk about what angels symbolize.

Start chapter 10-The Watsons are on the road to Birmingham

HW: Finish reading chapter 10

Week of January 25, 2016


Turn in Final Character Flip books

Read Chapter 5

Socrative Pre-assessment discussed

HW:  none as long as chapter 5 is completed


Flashback activity—know what a flashback is and signal words used before a flashback—Complete Flashback In Class Activity

Academic—find and summarize, identify sequence words and phrases, and explain author purpose on your graphic organizer (back side of your flashback notes) (circle/square)

Enriched---find a place where a flashback would make sense, compose the flashback event, explain your author’s purpose for the flashback (back side of your flashback notes) (triagle)

HW:  Draft due tomorrow


Check flashback drafts—--Share and discuss-- field questions

Time to work on final copy-due tomorrow:

HW:  Final copy Flashback Flap (typed and printed out or handwritten in black ink)


Figurative Language In Class Activity—Review types of Figurative Language Song with examples in Moodle

Introduce the chart-Students begin to collect examples of each from the text with page numbers

HW:  Draft-Figurative Language Examples-cited correctly with author purpose explanations due tomorrow


Check examples for citations and explanations from draft--are drafts complete?

Time to type final copy

HW:  final copy figurative language chart due Tuesday

Week of January 19, 2016


No School-MLK


Turn in your Character Cog Final Copy—not accepted late—must be printed or e-mailed to Mrs. Reynolds ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) as an attachment

Go back into the text and find your numbered annotations and inferred traits.  With your partner, double check that the traits are not actions—USE YOUR CHARACTER TRAIT LIST for examples!

Fill out your Flip Book rough draft

HW:  Be sure draft is done


Fold two folders until they are FANTASTIC!  (to be kept in school until completed)

Fold Flip Books and staple

Read Chapter 4

HW:  Finish Chapter 4 if not done


Type up flip book inferred trait and support textual evidence

Insert a two column, seven row table in order to create the correct size (use google docs)

You will print out, cut apart and glue onto the flip book you created!

HW:  flip book due Monday


Research our author Christopher Paul Curtis using a .pdf document—locate text elements such as publisher, copyright, and details about the author—All resources are in Moodle—Handout can be handwritten or typed

Turn in handout

HW:  Flip book final copy due Monday

Week of January 11, 2016


Turn in your graphic organizer including your scores on your short quiz  /12,  essay    /12

Turn in your Outsiders book—get new novel (The Watsons go to Birmingham---1963)

Read chapter 1—circle character names and annotate in the margin inferred traits, and/or one or two word descriptions of the character as you read.

HW:  Finish reading chapter 1

Tuesday-Peer Leader Day-shortened periods

Complete the Socrative Activity in class

Tone and Mood Notes—read and highlight

Read Chapter 2-continue to annotate using characterization details

HW:  Finish reading chapter 2


In small groups, analyze the character’s reaction, shared through the author’s words.  Decide how the author uses these to set the tone.  What is your mood as a reader?  Be sure to reverence the tone and mood notes!

HW:  none


Character Cog—final copy due Tuesday (remember to type or write in black ink)-Remember you are using your graphic organizer you filled in with your small group on Wednesday.  Choose ONE character to focus on.  Put the given author words in the Author words cog.  Put the author tone, including the portion of the text that helps you identify the tone and then explain it.  In the mood cog, identify how those words lead you to a mood and explain it.

Read Chapter 3

HW:  Finish Chapter 3/Character Cog final copy (Tuesday)


Chapter 3 check up

Choose two characters to focus on—be sure that you have 5 examples plus inferences for each character annotated in the text

HW:  none

Week of January 4, 2016


While viewing the video, observe literary elements used in the movie as they compare to the text of the novel by filling out the graphic organizer (will be collected):

Characterization-how the characters act

Setting-what the era and the place is like as well as how the tone in the movie scenes compare to the tone in scenes in the novel.

Plot-events that are included, not included, or are depicted differently in the video compared to the book

Point of view-how the video varies from the point of view of the book

HW:  none


Continue with graphic organizer

HW:  Get parent signature on 3Q AR expectation sheet


Turn in parent and student signatures on expectation sheet

Finish graphic organizer

Complete online assessment and start essay- due Friday

HW:  essay


i-ready winter assessment

HW:  essay


i-ready winter assessment

Essay collected

Week of December 14, 2015


Binder check of section 1 worth 10 points

Present storyboards in small groups to receive peer feedback/provide peer feedback to a group presentation.

HW:  test tomorrow! (Be sure your studyguide is done and you have studied your vocabulary!


Turn in extra credit reader responses

Test over Ch. 8-12 skills and vocabulary

Time to take AR quizzes-date due extended to tomorrow

HW:  none if AR points are earned


Spelling assessment for spelling bee

Time to take AR quizzes

HW:  none!


Stay in Homerooms to do a letter writing acitivty

Concert : )

Have a wonderful holiday!

Week of December 7, 2015


Character perspective/point of view-compose a paragraph from Dally’s point of view (event of the chapter) and Pony’s point of view (event of the chapter).  Be sure to use adjectives to describe how they are feeling and well as thoughts the character has in the chapter.

HW:  unfinished paragraphs-due Wednesday


Read Chapter 11

Read Chapter 12—take note of episodes/events (4 of them)

HW:  You can take your AR test on The Outsiders


Get into groups and choose a role-Leader, Materials Manager, Recorder, Text Master

Begin planning and work on an Episode Storyboard of chapter 12

HW:  Work on AR—due 12/15/15


Group work on Storyboard—should be finished by the end of this class

Absent students must complete work independently

HW:  Work on AR


Plan for presentation of your storyboard

Present storyboards to the class

HW:  AR due/Test on 12/15/15

Week of November 30, 2015


Read Chapter 8 together in class

Context clue definitions provided to double check  your word frames
HW:  Word Frames for Ch-8-12, #1-10 due tomorrow (assigned Monday, November 23—Monday and Tuesday class time given to complete)


Discuss and turn in Word Frames

Analyze the major event in chapter 8—“Johnny at the hospital”—class time to discuss the key details and ideas

HW:  none


Make a text to text connection-Chapter 8 back to chapter 1

Read Chapter 9

HW:  none


Ch. 9 Key Ideas and Details from the chapter—time to collaborate with small group and individually record responses

HW:  Only if questions are not complete


Self-assess Ch. 9 Key Ideas and Details responses.

Read Chapter 10

HW:  none

Week of November 23, 2015


Word Frames, chapter 8-12, #1-5—work on in class.  New vocabulary standards and skills.  Choose the definition that best fits the context as the word is used in the novel (page numbers provided.

Look up the word part, prefix, root, and suffix meanings and add to the word frames

HW:  none if words #1-5 are done


Word Frames, Chapter 8-12, #6-10—work on in class with the new vocabulary standards.  All words will be assessed on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

HW:  none as long as word frames are complete

Week of November 16, 2015


Handout covering foreshadowing (concept discussed end of chapter 3.  File in binder #15)

Nothing God Can Stay-Poetry analysis—Re read the poem by Robert Frost that is in chapter 5.

The handout—can be handwritten or typed

HW:  any unfinished questions/Work on  your test review/study guide


Turn in “Nothing Gold Can Stay” poetry analysis

Foreshadowing notes—in class activity

Read Chapter 6

HW:  Finish chapter


Review game day for 4-7 Test

HW:  Study for your test!



HW:  none


Lesson on Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixs

Complete handout in class

HW:  none

Week of November 9, 2015


Go over Vocabulary-turn in

Read chapter 4--Discuss

HW:  Finish Chapter 4


Chapter 4 discussion groups--keep good notes on group discussion on your handout—Know the definitions of the performance verbs on the handout.

HW:  Chapter 4 check up--in Moodle--completed by Thursday PM, November 12


The White Table Activity-learning goal-Symbolism

Read the book together—choose an activity to add a symbol to the table

Draft in class

HW:  activity choice—either a Haiku poem or free verse poem that describes the symbol item-final copy due Friday—must be typed or in ink


Check # 6-11 word frames

Metaphor activity in small group

Metaphor poem—draft in class

HW:  final copy due Monday (typed or in ink)


Turn in free verse or Haiku poem.

Read Chapter 5 in class

HW:  Metaphor poem due Monday

Week of November 2, 2015


Chapter 2—Analyzing the flashback---discussion and questions-in class

HW:  Test over Chapter 1-3 Thursday—study guide passed out-spelling of 10 vocabulary words included


Read chapter 3 in class

Review characterization on chart for Ponyboy--Review how an author develops the point of view of the narrator or speaker in a text—class discussion.

HW:  Study


Review day—study skill session using socrative

HW:  study-test tomorrow


Test over Ch. 1-3

HW:  none--enjoy your time outside!


Vocabulary Words Frames Ch. 4-7-#1-5-due Monday

Review your Ch. 1-3 Test---record reflection


HW:  any unfinished vocabulary work /word frames

Week of October 26, 2015


Set up binder for new quarter-table of contents and graded work

Overview of the characters in our new novel—discussion – connection of how our novel connects to Integrated Lit class

Read Chapter 1 together—to page 13

HW:  Finish reading chapter 1 if not finished in class


Notes on Direct and Indirect Characterization--Pass out a characterization chart--Read Chapter 1 in class out loud, stopping to record a direct characterization example and an indirect characterization example

Read Chapter 2 and fill in chart with textual evidence and inferred character

HW:  none


Pass out Chapter 1-3 vocabulary for the novel-show a word frame example and discuss why we are creating them.

In small groups, create a Word Frame Example for Words #1-6—share with the class


Word Frames-Ch. 1-3, # 7-11 assigned-due Friday

HW:  Word Frames, #7-11


Using text excerpt from Chapter 2—complete questions--did not ger to this

Discuss in class

HW:  Word Frames due tomorrow


Go over Word Frames-turn in

Read Chapter 3 in class

HW:  none

Week of October 19, 2015


Pass out AR expectation sheet for the 2nd quarter-sign

Review game for the Genre Galore Test using student prepared study guide.

HW:  study/Parent signature on AR expectation sheet

Tuesday-shortened periods for Peer Leader Day

Using paraphrased characteristic drafts, make final copies for your Genre Guide—glue in and add symbols and pictures that represent the genres

HW:  Study for test tomorrow (2 parts)


Part one Genre Galore Test


Instruction on how to fill out non-fiction logs—file instruction sheet in your binder

Time to go to the library to check out an AR book and to look up levels and points

HW:  Part two test tomorrow


Part two Genre Galore Test

HW:  work on AR—We start the Outsiders on Monday!

Week of October 12, 2015


Record  your message about kindness in Wonder--turn in

Chat about that--Reader Response #5

Mythology--in small group read notes, paraphrase characteristics on back

Read your excerpt "The Trojan Horse"

HW:  AR points due tomorrow/Extra Credit Reader Response quarter 1 due tomorrow


Using the "Trojan Horse" excerpt, and the handout, analyze the paragaphs for how they contribute to plot development and theme.  This assignment can be handwritten or typed (using handout in Moodle)-chromebooks in class

Time to take AR quizzes/Turn in extra credit

HW: none if paragraph analyzing is complete


Go over analyzing paragraphs for development of theme and plot (The Trojan Horse text)

Read and highlight notes on historical fiction--paraphrase characteristics

Hw:  Study packet for test (October 21 and 22) passed out


Read the excerpt from "The Prince and the Pauper"

Prince and the Pauper --handout to review character development

HW:  work on study guide

Friday-no school

Week of  October 5, 2015


For homework students read excerpt from Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill

Discuss common symbols and view the video and then discuss handout on symbolism in small groups

Compose your responses using transitions to examples and reasons--Turn in

HW:  Highlight and paraphrase characteristics of the new genre fantasy-due tomorrow


Connotation/denotation mini lesson-Watch video clip to see words and their differences and how emotion can influence the reader’s perception

Read the excerpt from The Story of Dr. Dolittle, by Hugh Lofting

With a partner, sort the word groups into neutral, positive, or negative connotations

Complete the questions on connotation/denotation individually

HW:  Copy your characteristics of Fantasy onto your genre panel


Discuss (self-assess) Connotation and Denotation questions-TURN IN

In small groups, highlight and paraphrase the characteristics of Science Fiction

Read the science fiction excerpt, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne

Complete the handout over the topic Tone and Mood

HW:  Copy your characteristics of Science Fiction onto your genre panel


Highlight and paraphrase Myths notes and paraphrase characteristics

Myth-Read the Myth, The Trojan Horse, retold by Stephanie Paris

Complete the handout—focus on analyzing specific sentences within the text that contribute to Plot Development

HW:  Copy your characteristics of Myth onto your genre panel


Learn about the literary device called an idiom by finding and analyzing Auggie’s mom’s use of one in Wonder.

Respond to questions on handout as Reader Response #5 in your Reader Response Composition Book

Glue the panels for the following genres on your Genre Guide (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Myth)

HW:  none if response is complete.

Week of September 28, 2015


Begin the Genre Galore unit—Overview of unit—“What I will learn”- watch genre overview video

Mini-lesson on paraphrase— (file these in notes and handouts)

Individually fill in the Genre Galore notes and indicate two characteristics and a title of a story representative of adventure genre.

HW:  none if notes sheet is complete


Share and discuss in small group individual note sheet for correct paraphrases for adventure-use exemplar to check for accuracy/completeness

Learn about Imagery-Language that creates a visual experience for the reader-Overhead notes and discussion.

Begin Adventure genre—Read excerpt from Robinson Crusoe by reading level (use reading assessment data on the back of your AR sheet).

Complete Work on studying words from the excerpt by completing the handout (chart)

HW: If not done, finish handout


Discuss the Robinson Crusoe handout-self assess with exemplar (overhead

Introduce the “Genre Guide”

Fold Folder

Create folder with learning goals for the unit cover in class.

HW:  Use template for Adventure section due tomorrow


Discuss mystery handout-paraphrases of mystery characteristics and go over symbolism questions to check for understanding

Read the excerpt from The Man with the Twisted Lip, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and underline characteristics of the genre mystery that are evident

Learning focus on characterization and plot development (mini-lesson)

HW:  none


Adventure Template glued into “Genre Guide”

Read excerpt from Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill

Complete handout on symbolism-go over

HW:  none as long as handout is complete

Week of September 21, 2015


I.N.S.E.R.T. (Interactive notation system for reading and thinking) strategy taught

Independent practice  applied to a story "The Bracelet" to practice literary element identification--see moodle for handout

HW:  Study guide for Literary Element Test-Thursday


Finish up reading “The Bracelet”

Conflict Activity in class-notes with instruction

Complete exit ticket chart to apply the concept

HW:  study literary element terms


Review day—Go over your study guide—any questions?

HW:  Study


Test over literary elements

Time to take AR quizzes in class

Reader Response #4-time to work on in class

HW: Make sure  Reader Response #4 is complete


Share Reader Response-Chat about that activity

HW:  none

Week of September 14, 2015


Library Orientation

Reader Response #3--Write a journal entry in Summer's perspective.  Prompt is in handout form and in Moodle.

HW:  finish response


Chat about that activity--share small group--one per small group to whole class shared

HW:  Cover 3 textbooks by next Wednesday

Week of September 8, 2015

Monday-no school Labor Day


In s mall groups go over application question activity from “Rainbow Fish”

Organize binders—fill out table of contents and number handouts

Share Reader Response #2 and complete “Chat About That” activity

HW:  Make sure you have read and logged to page 157 (Academic classes) and to page 248 (Enriched class)


Theme lesson in class-handout to be completed in class

Go over Theme worksheet on summer reading book—to be completed for hw.

HW:  Summer reading handout to be completed for homework/parent signature on materials sheet.


Discuss how stories are everywhere-music, poems, movies and TV shows

Start Power Point on Full House—Discuss the while viewing graphic organizer

View Full House stopping and filling out graphic organizer

Be sure students have all events

HW:  Students will plot the events on Plot Diagram-


Go over the plot diagram from “Back to School Blues” for accuracy-collect

HW:  ?

Week of August 31, 2015


New notes on Literary Elements

Break into small groups by topic—present the concept to your home group

View Video in Moodle (Plot, Character, Conflict, Theme…Setting, yes these are the five things)

HW:  Complete Semantic Map of Literary Elements


Check for accuracy Semantic Map of Literary Elements

Apply Literary Element notes to the Story “The Rainbow Fish” (view in Moodle)

Complete questions with small group

Go over Questions

HW:  Make sure you have completed your reading and logging to page 106 


As a grade level, sixth graders take the iReady Assessment

HW:  Reader Response #2 (Due next Tuesday)


Library Orientation

Get textbooks

Time to Read Wonder and take AR quizzes in class


Sixth Grade Camp Sign ups

Work on Reader Response #2 during the time not signing up

HW:  none

Week of August  24, 2015


Training on Chrome books—enroll in Google Apps –use to log into Chrome books/ Learn new log in for Chromebooks

Enroll in The Online Academy—Mrs. Reynolds class, “Sixth Grade Language Arts” and complete your first activity—nouns mini-lesson (common and proper nouns)

Enroll in Moodle (ONLINE ACADEMY) classroom

Gates Vocabulary Level Assessment—20 minutes—Record total correct—(RAW Score) in planner

HW:  Continue to Read Wonder-to page 56


Gates Reading Comprehension grade level—40 minutes- Record total correct—(RAW Score) in planner.

Pass out procedures and expectations handout and scavenger ½ sheet

HW:  Expectations scavenger hunt


Go over ½ sheet scavenger hunt for accuracy-file in binder and record score on keeping track of my grade sheet in section 2

Citing Textual Evidence mini-lesson-review how to use “  “ marks and page and paragraph number.

"Wonder Wednesday" Reader Response Activity--handout passed out

HW:  finish reader response if not finished in class


Wonder Wednesday “Chat about that reader response” activity in small group

Go over AR expectations/learn how to look up books with bookfinder linking from Mrs. Reynolds classroom site

Take RAW scores from Gates Assessment and find levels and record on AR sheet (on the back)

HW: Get AR expectations paper signed by parent—point out Gates results


AR Expectation sheet checked for signatures—File in binder in section one.

Theme lesson in class-handout to be completed in class

Go over Theme worksheet on summer reading book—to be completed for hw.

Materials/resource list for Language Arts Class passed out and discussed

HW:  Summer reading handout to be completed for homework/parent signature on materials sheet.