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Saturday, 09 April 2016 04:44

Mrs. D'Annolfo

(Language Arts)

Mrs. Cheyney


Mr. Raczynski

(Social Studies)

Mrs. Taylor 



All: exit ticket on Friday on Newton's 3 laws-15-20 points

1,3,8,9: 100 Greatest Discoveries in Physics video with 10 facts ( in class)

5/7: Newton's 2nd law math problems (2 worksheets)

Bill of Rights vocabulary wkst due on Wednesday!

Math III: HW: Missing Dimension Sheet #1-6. Extra Credit Angles/Coloring due tomorrow

Geometry:  HW: due Wed, 2/24:  Textbook p. 537-540 #2-14,19-24,44-49, Quiz #1-6. 

Upcoming Quiz 8.3-8.4 on Wed!

Extra Credit Law of Sines/Cosines due Wed.


All: Exit ticket on Friday (20 points) on Newton's 3 laws

1,3,8,9: Inertia Lab in class

5/7: Peer Leader day

1. Bill of Rights vocabulary due tomorrow. 2. Debrief questions due Thursday!

Math III: HW: Missing Dimensions and Looping WS

Geometry:  Peer Leaders today. HW and extra credit due tomorrow.


All: Exit ticket on Friday ( 20 points) Newton's 3 laws.

All: 3 Math review worksheets-Newton's 3 laws 

1. Debrief question wkst due tomorrow!

Math III: 



1. Update I CAN Statements! 2. Bill of Rights quiz (part 1) on Monday!  Must complete the WPC with at least a 70%.

Math III: Test tomorrow. Study Session today after school, 2:30-3:00



1, 3, 5/7: Work on whichever step of the research process you are on. Check the gradebook and NoodleTools for current status.

8th: Pride & Prejudice forum question due Sunday.


Mesquite Only: Correct on-line forum entries, double-check poems against the rubric, & begin planning for your final project.

On-line forum question due Sunday.


 'Chanclas' & Hips vs. 'Quinceanera' and 'Senorita'


Vol. III, ch. 10 & 11

1. Complete Weekly Progress Check (Bill of Rights Part 1). Quiz over part 1 on Monday!                                  2. Update I CAN Statements

Math III: Test Today - Volume and Looping
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