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Properties of Matter: Chapter 1, Section 1

Properties of Matter PPT

Fun and Games! Click on "Materials"

The Answer Files: What’s it MATTER to you?

Want to know what you weigh in Newtons?

1. 1 pound = 453.59237 g

2. Multiply your weight by 453.59237

3. Divide by 10


Mass, Volume, Density at the Math and Science Activity Center

Virtual Experiment: Viscosity Explorer FUN!

The Bellagio Fountain Video (Blocked by school filter, watch at home!)

Physical and Chemical Change

Chapter 1, Sections 2 & 3

Power Point: Changes in Matter

Power Point NOTES: Changes in Matter (Print and use with Power Point)

“Help! I still don’t get it!” Check out these links to help you understand chemical –vs– physical changes and properties.


A property is a characteristic of a material that gives it the ability to change…

A change is the evidence you witness that the change has taken place.

What is the difference between a chemical change and a physical change?

Interactive Practice Quiz! FUN!

Fill in the Blank Review


Seven Games to Play!

States of Matter: Chapter 2

Good Review!

More about states of matter


States of Matter movie!

I found a kid-friendly site on Bose-Einstein Condensates! Check it out! Click below!

Elements and The Periodic Table: Ch. 3 & 5

If you were absent on the day we colored the Periodic Table of the Elements, use the Power Point below to learn about the properties of the groups:


Periodic Table WebQuest

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