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books-jpgAccelerated Reader Program

My class will be participating in the Accelerated Reader Program the entire school year.  This program may benefit your child’s reading comprehension skills and taking assessments on the computer.  It will also be a helpful tool for me to see at what approximate reading level your child reads for pleasure.   The program is designed to motivate student goals and interests in reading so they may become more active readers as they move along at their own individual pace.

 Since we are now using a web-based Accelerated Reader program, the students have a much, much larger selection of reading quizzes!  Please go to

Accelerated Reader Book/Quiz Search

A student must complete a reading log, sign, have a parent sign and present it to the teacher before he or she can take an Accelerated Reader test.

Quizzes can be taken on the library computers during study hall time, or during time built into Language Arts class when the student is ready to take the quiz.  Readiness means that the books had been completely read and the reading log is complete and signed by both student and parent.    Each grading period will require students to earn a number of points.  I will count this as a quiz grade.  The students will be given a percentage score based upon his or her completion of the point requirement—–total points earned divided by total points required. Your child can print a progress report for you from a school computer at any time.  These reports cannot be accessed from home.

The first quarter reading requirement is due on    The requirement for the period 4 enrichment class will be 20 points.  All other classes have 15 points due.  These points will include the classroom novel, The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963, that is worth 8 points.  Extra credit will be awarded for points earned over the required amount.

Students are strongly enouraged to read outside of school (be sure to read a book over the weekends and holiday breaks!) as well as study hall and any extra time in school.  The accommodation for Title Reading students for the second quarter is to pass two books of any point value, one of which must be a non-fiction text.  They must also take and pass the in-class reading novel.   If a student feels he or she needs this accomodation, they should e-mail or talk to Mrs. Reynolds before or after class.

 Students who are not having success taking the reading quizzes are strongly encouraged to read lower point value books.  Students can check books out from Mrs. Reynolds' classroom library by filling out the check-out sheet on the clipboard.

**If your child fails an AR test, Mrs. Reynolds will assess the reading log filled out for the book.  Suggestions will be made to improve the log and the student will make the improvements (review the novel) and bring the log back home for you to sign.  At this point the student will be permitted to retake the AR test one time.  If a student still fails, he or she can ask for a book project to complete.  The book project must be completed by the AR deadline date, therefor, quizzes failed on the due date will not be permitted to complete a book project.

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