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Saturday, 09 April 2016 03:16

CLASSZONE…a companion, at-home piece to supplement the lessons

There is a nice companion piece for the text book and my supplementary resources for BOTH of our math courses.  It is a website titled “CLASSZONE”.

You do NOT need a password to log-in to the site.  It is FREE, as are the best things in life!!!

Here is an overview of the site, along with some “pointers” from little old me.

  1. After arriving at the website, you will need to FIND YOUR BOOK
  • Under the MATH section, click MIDDLE SCHOOL for Pre-Algebra
  • Click HIGH SCHOOL for Algebra or Geometry
  • Next, click on OHIO (either in the drop-down menu or by clicking the state on the map)
  1. A screen will appear with pictures of McDougal Littell’s text book offerings.  You will want to find the picture that looks like your book and click on it.  (Our books are 2011 Algebra and Pre-Algebra or Geometry)
  2. CLICK on your proper TEXT BOOK and it will take you to the site for the particular book.  J
  3. Once you are there, there are awesome resources at your disposal.  They are divided into SECTIONS:
  • @ Home Tutor, Extra Examples, PowerPoint Presentations
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE:  eWorkbook, Problem of the Week
  • GAMES AND ACTIVITIES:  Puzzle and Games, Vocab Flip Cards 
  • ANIMATED MATH:  Animations
  • QUICK REFERENCE:  *All types of reference tools for your benefit (all are printable pdfs)
  • ASSESSMENT:  Section Quizzes, Chapter Tests (both can be taken online)
  1. The best use of the site is going to be conditional based on the user.  For example, “Jim” may only use the ANIMATED MATH section because he learns visually, but “Josie” may stick to SECTION QUIZZES to review for each upcoming in-class quiz or test.

I will use the site in class frequently, so you will have good insight as to how to navigate and use it when you on your own.  If you have questions about the site and/or its benefits, just ask!

The 8th grade Mathematics team,

Mr. Gopp                                                                               Mrs. Taylor


Kuta Software: another nice resource for your “Math Toolkit”

The above website is a site I use to produce worksheets for various lessons.  It is FREE and easy to navigate. 

It offers free worksheets in a “Drill and Practice”-style format.  The best thing about the site is that it offers an ANSWER KEY for each worksheet. 

When you open the page, there are two boxes on the left-hand side that lead you to the material.

  • Pre-Algebra: “Infinite Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra: “Infinite Algebra I

Once you are ‘in’ your proper subject, you’ll notice a link that reads “FREE WORKSHEETS”.  Click on that link and it will take you to a page that displays topics relating to your course.

You can click on any link within a topic and a FREE worksheet and answer key will appear in a pdf format.

When I assign these worksheets as homework, it would be beneficial for you to CHECK your WORK using the site. 

***NOTE:  This does not give you ‘license’ to copy answers.  I still need to see the proper steps shown so that you can earn full credit for the assignment.

 “Being resourceful isn’t cheating; it’s a sign of vast intelligence.”   --- Mr. Gopp

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