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Saturday, 09 April 2016 03:14

Welcome to my math class!

Class Rules

  1. Bring PPTB every day (paper, pencil, text and binder). Also bring your calculator EVERY DAY.
  2. Stay in your seat, respect Mr. Gopp, yourself, and your classmates at all times.
  3. Do not abuse restroom, drink and locker privileges.
  4. Keep a clean area around your desk and clean-up after yourself when you leave each day.
  5. Take good notes and problem solving pages.
  6. Be on-time and ready to learn math every day.
  7. Have fun every day while learning mathematics.

The Inside Scoop

First and foremost, I want you to know that I make every effort to create a vibrant, fun and creative learning environment.  I recognize that math makes some people cringe!  On that note, come every day with the notion that you will be engaged, excited and truly passionate about learning mathematics in my classroom.

I have boundless energy and I love teaching.  I push hard to create a community of learning where everyone is accepted and respected, even if that may not always happen outside my door.  I enjoy giving all of my students something to ponder about LIFE on top of any math assignments that may be given.


Grading:  I grade on a points system that generally offers just over 500 points per grading period.

Here is a breakdown of what and how I grade:

Formative Assessment Pieces: I offer 30-50 points per quarter, usually in chunks of “10” or “5”(s). These assessments are processed and administered through monitoring during daily and group activities, listening to students “talk” about problem solving, observing them informally, and taking notes on particular group activities.

Binder/Homework Checks:  10 points per check (usually 5 per quarter). See my website for details.

Exit Tickets:  I assign homework Monday through Thursday, but it is not formally collected. In lieu of this, I have all of my students complete a weekly (usually 7 out of 9 weeks per quarter) “EXIT TICKET”, which will be completed in class. The Exit Ticket will generally be complex in nature and cover MOST topics covered in class for that particular week. They are given via PowerPoint and a standard time limit of 5 minutes is offered to each student. See my website for more details.

*Homework Presentations: often times I will request that a student “present” a particular problem from the homework assignment to the class the following day. They will know AHEAD of time that this is expected.

Common Core Take-Home Quizzes: There will be 7 of these assigned per quarter. These assignments are CRUCIAL to your success and each question on each assignment is worth 5 points.

Quizzes:  I ‘chunk’ the quiz grades for each unit we study.  Instead of a bulky chapter/unit test, I generally give a quiz every 3-4 sections..  The quizzes are usually worth 35-75 points.  Expect 4 or 5 quizzes per grading period.

To recap:     Formative Assessment Piece  50 pts

Binder/Homework Checks  50 pts

Exit Tickets  70 pts

Common Core Quizzes (take-home)  20 – 25 pts x 7 per quarter = approx.. 175 points

Quizzes  200 pts

Total (approx) 550 pts./grading period

Extra Credit:  I do assign extra credit.  There will always be at least ONE bonus question on your quizzes.  Sometimes, there are two bonus questions.  In addition, I assign optional extra credit toward the end of each grading period in the form of challenging brain teasers (usually around 6-8 points).  Other opportunities for extra credit may arise as seen worthy by Mr. Gopp…stay alert!

Daily Textbook/Notes Reading:  If you are not reading the book OR your notes nightly, then you will fall behind in my course(s). It is necessary to spend 10-15 minutes each night reading the book or your notes as you practice problems from each section/lesson.

Calculators:  Each student should bring some calculator to class, even if it’s not a graphing calculator, for daily computations.

Homework Tickets:  Almost every week, on Friday, I hand out “homework tickets” to the student(s) in each period who have had a spectacular week in my course(s).  The student may use this ticket on assignments of equal value (up to 10 points) if they choose not to complete the assignment.

Weekly Lineup:  On Monday, your schedule for the week will be posted on the web AND my “Assignment Board” in my room (always subject to change!).  I suggest writing down your assignments, including any mentioned quizzes, on Monday.

MY WEBSITE: I have a web page that can be found through the district website:, then click on TEACHERS, then MIDDLE SCHOOL, then scroll to GOPP and you’ll find it.  My calendar of activities is also posted here and updated weekly.

Extra Help:  I will always make myself available for extra help.  This is BEST done during lunch (you may bring your lunch to my room).  I can also be available before or after school, with the previous being in very extreme cases.  Do not hesitate to come to me for extra help, especially if it is preparation for a quiz.

Review Days (before quizzes):  In MOST cases, I’ll review for a quiz the day before.  This may consist of a review game, a group activity, peer-to-peer learning or in any creative way that may arise.  Take advantage of these, they can be VERY helpful to your quiz grade.  In addition, I always go over the quizzes in detail once they’ve been returned.

Absences/Make-Up Work:  I understand and have compassion for absences for any reason, however, it is YOUR responsibility to ask me for any notes, handouts, assignments you may have missed while absent.  I am very kind about giving ample time for make-up work, so long as I know you are making progress toward completion and are taking it seriously.

Enrichment: If you ever feel that you are grasping the material at an accelerated rate and need tougher problems to tackle, please see me at ANY TIME for extra resources.  I’ll be GLAD to challenge you!

Pop Quizzes:  I give pop quizzes (at least 2 – 3  per quarter), and they are generally worth 10 points.  They may come at any time.

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