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Saturday, 09 April 2016 03:14

Each of my students is required to maintain a course binder.  This helps improve organizational skills and will certainly lead to a better chance at a successful year in my classroom.

Here are the expectations and policies regarding the binders…

The 3-ring binder should be 1.5”. You should have a minimum of 5 tabbed dividers in your binder.  The sections are as follows:

  1. Homework: daily homework in any format (from textbook, worksheet, etc.)
  2. Common Core Quizzes: these should never leave your binders!
  3. Problem Solving:  you should have this section for solving problems of the day, in-class work, and other various math applications which may you require you to do some critical thinking.
  4. Quizzes: always keep these in order if possible.
  5. Notes: I prefer that you keep your unguided notes on loose-leaf notebook paper; most notes will be “GUIDED NOTES”.  

*Notes on loose-leaf notebook paper & ‘handout notes’ should be in the 5th section in your binder.

Please have notebook AND graph paper in one of the pockets of your binder if at all possible.

I will check binders on Fridays (5 out of 9 per quarter).  The binder checks are worth 10 points.  I will look for overall organization, well-divided sections, and proper materials enclosed.  In addition, I will ask you to show me a randomly-selected HOMEWORK assignment from the week.  You should be able to flip to the document and be able to show that it is completed and in the right section.  Should you follow the above guidelines, you will receive 10 points on your binder checks.

At the end of each quarter, we will “reset” the binders, moving some items to a back-up 2 pocket folder or something similar.  I will keep you notified about how to do this as it arises.

Here is a rubric that breaks down the method in which I grade binder/homeowork checks:

Perfectly organized and HW is finished with all work shown                                         10 points

Well-organized but HW has no or little work shown                                                          8

Binder not well-organized and HW is incomplete                                                             6

Binder is in “shambles” and HW is not even in the binder                                              5

No binder                                                                                                                                   0

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