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Saturday, 09 April 2016 03:12

Mr. Gopp’s Rubric for Formative Assessment pieces









The student leads the way in understanding, explanation, and implementation of the content being learned and/or discussed. They are grasping and talking about applications of content fluidly and sharing information to help other classmates.

The student leads the way in sharing their knowledge of the content, but sometimes makes minor mathematical errors during their explanation or during group work. They are able to own their mistakes and remedy the mathematics upon realizing them.

The student participates at will when prompted by a teacher or peer, but is reluctant to openly discuss and relate to mathematics in an open setting. They shy away from “explaining” mathematics and may have a fear of “being wrong”.

The student takes on a non-committal role in a group or individual formative assessment piece. This may be evident through tactics such as purposeful group distractions, remaining silent during a sharing session, and/or refusal to document what is taking place.

The student does not participate in ANY classroom activities, regardless of content or format. When asked or prompted to share information, they lack the prior knowledge and motivation to keep-up with daily content and thus may suffer from feeling “behind all the others”.


5 = Student is a master of the student-driven piece of the classroom.

4 = Student is a leader and has a firm grasp on the content and its applications, and is willing to share with peers and teachers.

3 = Student has a tendency to refrain from sharing openly about mathematical content and process, even if they may understand it well.

2 = Student is developing the skills to achieve content and participation balance in the classroom.

1 = Student is unmotivated to learn mathematics and the lifelong applications within.

NOTE: Values in the rubric above will “double” if the formative assessment piece is worth 10 points instead of the typical “5”.

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