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Saturday, 09 April 2016 03:11

Supplies you will need for Mr. Gopp’s math class

1)  A 1.5” 3-ring binder (economy is fine)

2)  1 pack of tab dividers (set of 5)

3)  1 pack of ¼” ruled graph paper

4)  Pencils (box of 10-12)

5)  4-pack of EXPO (or similar) dry erase markers

6)  1 pack (150 ct.) notebook paper (wide or college ruled)

7)  Calculator: you must bring a calculator every day to class!

Algebra I—TI-84 graphing calculator

(“family”…there are many varieties of the TI-84, ie. ‘silver edition’, et al…they are all FINE for this course)

Pre-Algebra—TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator or SIMILAR (see me) – it is simply to all students’ benefit to have the same model calculator; that way, everyone is using the same buttons on the same machines!

*** Note about calculators for Algebra I parents:

I realize these are expensive, but I try to look at as an investment for high school math (you use the same calculator).  So, $125.00 ÷ 5 yrs. HS math = $25/year.

I do have a class set of these devices; that means your child will have the opportunity to access the calculators in class at all times.  However, any work that needs done on them outside of class would have to be done on the student’s own calculator.  I design my course to have very minimal outside-of-class TI graphing work, so it usually isn’t a huge ordeal not to own one in the 8th grade.  Feel free to contact me about this issue!

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