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Saturday, 09 April 2016 03:11

Common Core Rubric for Weekly Assessments

(based on a PER QUESTION basis…)









Accurate solution with all work shown. Student displays a deep understanding of the problem being asked and applies it effortlessly, using the most efficient route to solve the problem.

Accurate solution, but minor technical errors included, such as: not labeling the answer, not following directions in full, an incorrect integer sign, or a small arithmetic error.

Inaccurate solution due to errors in problem set-up or errors during the solution process. Errors may occur toward the beginning, middle, or end of the problem and lead to an incorrect answer because it is not noticed during the solution process.

Inaccurate solution and ineffective problem set-up. Not all solution steps are shown and work is hasty, not well thought-out, and major mathematical errors are included. Some steps are correct, but incorrect set-up leads to bad solution steps from the start.

Inaccurate solution with some solution steps shown; however, it is apparent that the student did not have a good understanding of what the problem was asking. It is also obvious that the student did not take the time to research the topic so they could provide a solid set-up and solution.

Inaccurate solution with NO WORK SHOWN, and/or the problem is not completed.

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