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Saturday, 09 April 2016 02:35

Computer Programming I

Highland High School

Mr. Martin, Room 225

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Welcome to my class!  I feel extremely fortunate to be your teacher this year, and I look forward to a great year filled with success, fun, and growth in your quest for knowledge!  Below you will find a general description of things you need to know for this year, so please read carefully.

Course Description

Computer Programming I gives an introductory course to computer programming, with the emphasis on using the language of Microsoft Visual C#.  We will also explore the basics of writing code, developing a better understanding of how and why computer programs operate in certain ways.  This class will focus on the connections between these subjects, their application in all areas of life, and allow you to think analytically like a scientist.  These goals will be achieved through use of visual aides, discussion, labs, and other various tools and activities.  You will show your growth and progress in these areas through regular homework assignments, labs, presentations, group work, projects, quizzes, and tests.

Expectations of the Students:

Students are expected to be in class every day, on time, and ready to learn.

Students should bring with them the materials needed for the class every single day.

Materials needed include:

-Pen or pencil

-Notebook or loose leaf notebook paper


*Optional: flash drive

Students are expected to work together as a team, showing respect to each other and the teacher, as well as treating any equipment used with the same respect.  If a student is not showing respect to either Mr. Martin, another student, or any equipment, disciplinary action will take place.

Classroom rules must be followed at all times, the most important being respect toward yourself and others.  Students are expected to behave accordingly depending on the activity being completed (no horseplay in the labs not talking while teacher is, etc.).  All students must comply with computer usage rules and regulations as laid out by the school handbook and/or the instructor.  No student shall be misusing any aspect of the computer in any way that would be deemed as inappropriate.  Any student failing to comply with the rules of the classroom will be subject to any of the following disciplinary actions: a warning (written or verbal), student-teacher conference after class or school, 10-45 minute detention after school same day, phone call home, office referral written, other.


Students are expected to be in their seats ready to learn when the bell rings to start class.  If a student is not in the room or not in their seat, they will be marked as tardy.  After three tardies, no matter the reason, the student is subject to a detention before or after school with Mr. Martin.  There will be NO PASSES issued during class time.  Restroom or water breaks must be taken in the five minutes between classes.

Academic Policies

  • Homework is expected to be neat and completed at the beginning of class on the day it is due.  If I cannot read it, it will not be graded.

    • Homework not completed on time can earn no more than 75% credit first semester and half-credit second semester.

  • Academic dishonesty (including plagarism and/or cheating) will NOT be tolerated.  A phone call home will be made and the student will receive an automatic zero for the assignment.

  • All work is expected to be shown to receive full credit; if work is not shown, you will NOT receive full credit for the assignment.

  • Extra credit may be given periodically throughout the year for finding extended research  not found in a textbook or notes on any work we are studying or for any other optional projects offered to the class (significant work).  Extra credit should not be relied on to raise your grade a substantial amount, and will only be offered by me periodically.

The goal of this class is to have a safe, productive, and fun learning environment where we can enjoy and grow in programming knowledge.  If you have any questions or concerns about anything in the class, life in general, etc. …. please ask me!  Your teachers are here for you, use them as a resource!   I am usually available to meet before (after 7:00 am) or after school in room D261, or during my plannning period (4th).  I am looking forward to having a great year this year at Highland High School!

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