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Saturday, 09 April 2016 02:21

Mr. Folkerth: Classroom Expectations:

  • Be respectful to me, your classmates, and yourself
  • Be prepared every day with what you need for class ( what you need will be listed on the board the day before)
  • No food, candy or drink
  • no phones are to be out unless given permission
  • Be on time – tardies will cost you if they are habitual
  • Tell me the truth
  • Don’t cheat – if it looks like you are, you will receive a zero.  No homework is to be done with a partner either.
  • Keep my classroom clean and pick up after yourself
  • Do not touch/take or borrow  what is not yours
  • Failure to meet the previously mentioned expectations and/or behavior that inhibits me from teaching or keeps classmates or yourself from learning will not be tolerated and will immediately result in up to (5) five demerits

Classroom Procedures:

  • Write down day’s objective(s) in your notebook – these will be written on the board every day.

  • Name, period, and date in that order in the upper right hand corner of all work you turn in

  • If I can’t read it?  Doesn’t get graded

  • Pencil or blue or black ink – traditional – All AP essays must be written in black ink ONLY

  • If you have outside of school conflicts that are affecting your abilities as a student, let me know.  I don’t need to know the explicit details – sometimes the less I know the better – but let me know if things are not right.

  • If you are absent, it is up to you to make up work immediately upon return.  Unexcused absences result in zeroes for whatever work is missed.

  • Late Papers: Papers will be collected at the beginning of the period.  Any papers received after the initial collection will be considered one day late and receive a grade reduction of 20% for being one day late.  30% will be taken off for being two days late. Papers or assignments received three or more days late will receive no more than 50% for the assignment. Papers must be turned in on their due date even if you’re not in school, or you will be penalized.

  • All students: any student that misses 10 days or more of my class this year or has below a 70% in my class must take the final exam.

STUDENT: I have read the classroom expectations and procedures and understand them.

Signature______________________________    Date______________

PARENT:  My child has discussed the expectations and procedures with me.  I understand them and support them.

Signature______________________________     Date______________

•This list of expectations and procedures is continually growing and being refined.  Please be aware of any changes or additions throughout the course of the school year.

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