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Saturday, 09 April 2016 01:39

The science club was started to allow students of all abilities to extend their experience of science outside of the classroom.  The club does volunteer work on the land lab, located just south of the high school in the woods. They can compete in various competitions.  The main competiton being Envirothon. 

The science club meets once a week, usually on Tuesday, after school in room B128.

Getting the kite down: IMG_1636.jpg IMG_1637.jpg IMG_1638.jpg IMG_1639.jpg 

Envirothon : General guidelines

Links: Envirothon links 

This year's competition will be on Thursday April 28th.

Study Guide (water quality): stream_monitoring_highland.pdf 

Study Guide (current event):!cei/sqaji

Study Guide (wildlife): history-of-wildlife-conservation-in-ohio.pdf 

Study Guide (soil): 

Rules: Envirothon Rules

Envirothon past tests: 201220FINAL20AQUATICS.pdf 201220FINAL20FORESTRY.pdf 201220FINAL20WILDLIFE.pdf 20122020FINAL20SOILS.pdf

Mentoring Granger Science Olympiad: Study Group Schedule
> >  3:45- 4:45  at Granger Elementary

Links for help with events: science olympiad events 

Science of Fitness: science_of_fitness_muscles.pdf science_of_fitness_nervous_system.pdf science_of_fitness_nutrition.pdf science_of_fitness_skeletal.pdf

Meteorology: Climate2016GE_1st_part.pdf Climate2016GE_2nd_part.pdf

Past Tests: bugsTests_from_Spring_2015.pdf Fitness_Tests_from_Spring_2015_part_1.pdf Fitness_Tests_from_Spring_2015_part_2.pdf Water_quality_Tests_from_Spring_2015.pdf Rocks_Tests_from_Spring_2015.pdf Stars_Tests_from_Spring_2015.pdf Forestry_Tests_from_Spring_2015.pdf Write_it_do_it_Tests_from_Spring_2015.pdf Meteorology_Tests_from_Spring_2015.pdf

> Tori and Olivia (Bugs)  bug_rules.pdf
> Andrew (Rocks) Rocks__Elementary_Event_Descriptions_FINAL-1.pdf
> Molly and Gillian (Forestry) Forestry_Elementary_Event_Descriptions_FINAL-1.pdf
> Sarah? (Meteorology) Meteorology_Elementary_Event_Descriptions_FINAL-1.pdf
> Julia and Andrea (Fitness) Fitness_Elementary_Event_Descriptions_FINAL-1.pdf
> Tori and Olivia (Stars) Stars__Elementary_Event_Descriptions_FINAL-1.pdf
> Tori and Olivia (Write It Do It) Write_it_do_it_Elementary_Event_Descriptions_FINAL-1.pdf
> Alexandra and Mike (Mystery Architecture )

Water Quality: Water_Quality_Elementary_Event_Descriptions_FINAL-1.pdf

March 1  Study Groups  for Bugs and Rocks
March 8  Study Groups for Forestry and Meteorology
March 15 Study Groups for Fitness and Stars
March 29  Study Group for Write it, Do it , Mystery Architect
March 31 Study Group for Water Quality
April 5  Practice test for Bugs and rocks
April 12 Practice test for forest and Meteorology
April 19 Practice test for Fitness and Stars
April 26 Practice test for Water quality and Write it do it

Let me know if this schedule will work for you and your students.  I left the first water quality study group on a Thursday since it is already set up to have MSWC present the material. Let me know if the advisor can not attend or needs a ride.

Mystery Architecture will need to be on a different day.  Each of our students compete in two events and I made the schedule so that there is no conflicts.  We have a few options.  Do you think Mystery Architecture should meet once or twice? If twice we can do  Tuesdays if we use Feb 23, March 29 or May 3.

April 13 Rocks and minerals   By the summit lapidary club (they don't teach the science-hands on)
April 19 Forestry By Medina county parks (hope to be outside)
April 20 Bugs By Medina county parks (hope to be outside)

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