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Syllabus:  Please reference this for any class questions and extra credit opportunities bio_syllabus_2009.doc

References:  This will be a growing list that will help students

This is an excellent graphing site students can use to create graphs without using excel: 

Unit 1:  Themes of Biology, Scientific Method

Scientific Method Lecture 1-Windows Format

Scientific Method Lecture 1a-Windows Format

Scientific Method Lecture 1-Quicktime

Scientific Method Lecture 1a-Quicktime

Biological Themes Lecture-Windows Format

Biological Themes Lecture-Quicktime

Biological themes lecture fill-in notes-themes_of_biology_notes_2012.doc

Science_A_process.docx -The reading/notes on the scientific method, study this for quiz 1.

scientific_method.doc -Activity used to determine hypothesis, IV, DV and experiment.

The graphing assignment can be found at:  This was completed in class. 

In class reading on the differences between science and pseudo-science:

Debunking the paranormal assignment  (Your Paper only needs to be a 1/2 to 3/4 of a page single spaced and typed).

Simpsons Scientific Method Activity-Identify_the_Controls_and_Variables.docx

Scientific Base Words

Is it living?  Activity 1

Is Yeast Alive (this is a lab we will all do in class)-IsYeastAliveProtocol.doc

Chapter 1 review sheet-Chapter_1_biology_review_sheet.docx

Chemistry in Biology

Chemistry in Biology Lecture Part 1-Windows Media Format

Chemistry in Biology Lecture Part 1-Quicktime Format

Chemistry in Biology Lecture Part 2-Windows Media Format

Chemistry in Biology Lecture Part 2-Quicktime Format

Chemistry in Biology Lecture Part 3-Windows Media Format

Chemistry in Biology Lecture Part 3-Quicktime Format

Chemistry in Biology Notes (This is the powerpoint with no voice)- chemistry_in_biology_1-21.ppt.pptx chemistry_in_biology_22-42.pptx

Written notes-Biochemistry_Notes.doc

Chemistry Worksheet- The_3_particles_in_the_atom_are.doc

Webquest Assignment-Answer the following questions on another sheet of paper or type them into this word document.  Do NOT cut and paste your answers.  Updated_Biochem_webquest_2.docx 

Basic Biochemistry webquest #2-BASIC_BIOCHEMISTRY_WEBQUEST.docx

Modeling Biological Molecules Lab (to be done in class)-Modeling_Biological_Molecules2011.doc

Chemistry of Life-6.3-bdol6-3.pdf 

Graphing Exercise-Amount_of_ethylene_in_ml.docx 

Food Pyramid Energy Activity-RQ6_food_pyramid.doc 

Reading Take Home Chemistry Questions-Reading_Take_Home_Chemistry_Questions.doc 

Energy Drink Activity-Energy_Drinks.docx 

Unit 3:  Cells and Diffusion/Osmosis

Cell Biology Checklist-Cell_Biology_Checklist.docx 

Cell Biology Note Packet-Cell_Notes.doc 

Two Word Test Guide-Two_Word_Test_Review_Guide.doc 

Cell Notes Section 1-Quicktime

Cell Notes Section 1-Windows Media Format

Cell Notes Section 2-Quicktime

Cell Notes Section 2-Windows Media Format

Cell Notes Section 3-Quicktime

Cell Notes Section 3-Windows Media Format

Diffusion and Osmosis Notes-Windows Media Format

Diffusion and Osmosis Notes-Quicktime

Diffusion and Osmosis Webquest-In_and_Out_of_Cells_Webquest_2.doc 


Photosynthesis Notes 1-Windows Media Format

Photosynthesis Notes 1-Quicktime

Photosynthesis Notes 2-Quicktime

Photosynthesis Notes 2-Windows Media Format

Photosynthesis Notes 3-Windows Media Format

Photosynthesis Notes 3-Quicktime

Photosynthesis Webquest Part 1-Photosynthesis-Webquest.pdf 

Photosynthesis Webquest Part 2-Photosynthesis_Webquest_modified.docx 

Photosynthesis Notes

Cell Respiration Unit

Cell Respiration Notes-Quicktime

Cell Respiration Notes-Windows Media Player

Cell Respiration Review, with Answers-Review_for_cell_respiration_test_with_answers.docx 

Chromosomes, Mitosis and Meiosis

Oral Worksheet (chromosomes, mitosis, meiosis)-Chromosomes_orals.doc

Review sheet for Mitosis/Meiosis Test (75 multiple choice questions)-Mitosis_review.doc

Chromosomes Notes-Windows Media Player

Chromosomes Notes-Quicktime

Mitosis Notes-Windows Media Player

Mitosis Notes-Quicktime

Meiosis Notes-Windows Media Player

Meiosis Notes-Quicktime

Unit 6:  Mendelian Genetics

Genetic Lecture 1-WIndows Media Player

Genetic Lecture 1-Quicktime

Genetic Lecture 2-Windows Media Player

Genetic Lecture 2-Quicktime

Genetics Notes

Genetics Written Notes-Part 1-Mendelian_Genetics_notes_part_1.docx

Genetics Orals-Genetics_Orals.doc

Worksheet on basic Punnett squares-spongebob_part_1.doc.docx

Note set 5-notecheck_5.docx

DNA Unit

Lecture notes #1 Video (This video plays on Windows Media Player)

Lecture Notes # 1 (quicktime) Video

Khan Academy lecture notes (use as another resource not as the main lecture for the unit:



History Of DNA PPT





DNA  Lecture VIdeo 2 on Windows Media Player (this isn't complete and I ran out of time, you will need to watch 2b to finish lecture 2)-VIDEO

DNA Lecture Video 2 on Quicktime (This isn't complete because I ran out of time, you will need to watch 2b to finish the lecture 2)-VIDEO

DNA lecture 2b on Windows Media Player-VIDEO

DNA lecture 2b on Quicktime-VIDEO

DNA review sheet with answers-Biology_DNA_Review_Sheet_with_answers.docx

Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis Video 1

Protein Synthesis Video 2 Quicktime

Protein Synthesis PPT

Early Earth Unit

Early Earth Lecture One-Windows Media Player

Early Earth Lecture One-Quicktime

Early Earth Checklist-Creation_of_Earth_Checklist.docx

Early Earth Orals-Early_Earth_Workshee1.doc

Early Earth Condensed Dates to know-Early_Earth_Dates_To_Know.doc

Life On Earth Article Questions-Life_on_Earth_Article_Questions.docx

Early Earth Webquest-Early_Earth_Webquest.doc

Did Life Begin in Ice Article Questions-Discover_Article-life_in_ice.doc

Did Life Begin in Ice Article

Life on Earth Article

Early Earth Lecture 2

Early Earth Lecture 2 quicktime

Early Earth Lecture 2b

Early Earth Lecture 2b quicktime

Early Earth Lecture 2c

Early Earth Lecture 2c quicktime

Early Earth PPT (no voice over)

ap_history_of_life_webquest.docx  (Part 1 of webquest)

History_of_Life_on_Earth_Webquest_edit.docx  (part 2 of webquest packet)

Geologic_Time_Webquest_1.doc  (part 3 of webquest packet)

Darwinian Evolution

Article on Darwin Part 1-

Article on Darwin Part 2-

History Behind Evolution Notes-Quicktime

History Behind Evolution Notes-Windows Media Player

Evolution Powerpoint


Kingdom Lecture 1 windows media player

Kingdom Lecture 1 Quicktime

Kingdom Lecture 2 Windows media player

Kingdom Lecture 2 Quicktime


Population Lecture Windows Media Player

Population Lecture Quicktime

Ecosystems Lecture 1 Windows Media Player

Ecosystems Lecture 1 Quicktime

Ecosystems Lecture 2 Windows Media Player

Ecosystems Lecture 2 Quicktime








Animal Body Plans Lecture 1-Windows Media Player

Animal Body Plans Lecture 1 quicktime

Worms-Windows Media Player



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