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Monday, 11 April 2016 02:35

Third Grade is a big step up!  Changes occur rapidly at this age.  I am sure that we will grow to know each other well throughout this upcoming year.  I am hoping to enhance your child’s educational experience through different types of learning and whole language activities.  We will be doing many hands-on activities in all subject areas to enhance and supplement the content material.  From time to time, we will be sending home letters explaining what we are working on and asking for scrap materials or parent time to help in these class projects.  I believe that these are fun learning experiences for all of us.

Part of the "Big Step Up" for third graders is that this is the first time they will receive a report card with grades. Organization and maintaining an accurate assignment notebook will help in this big transition to so many changes.


The graded subjects are: Reading, Spelling, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The non-graded subjects are: Handwriting, Personal Development, Work Habits, Gym, Music, and Art. The non-graded subjects will be evaluated on report cards with marks of O (outstanding), S (satisfactory), & N (needs improvement).

As much as everyone likes to earn all A's and B's, please understand that C's still show adequate understanding. It is important to set realistic expectations. The students should be focused on doing their own best work.


Third grade is the year when students learn to be responsible for their own work and they learn to study for tests. This is a very important skill and students should spend time reviewing daily, not strictly the day before a test. Sometimes a study guide will be sent home, but students should use their journals, textbooks, and graded papers from the unit to review.


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