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Monday, 11 April 2016 02:23

Snacks: We will be taking a break each morning for recess and a snack. Each student is responsible for bringing in his or her daily snack. Please send a small, nutritious ready to eat snack for your child.

Take Home Folders: Students are required to have a "take home" folder. Your child will bring this home every day in his or her book bag. It will contain your child's work as well as important information such as newsletters, notes, behavior calendars etc. Please check this folder every afternoon and return it to school the next day. It will be emptied every morning when the students arrive. Notes and lunch money should be sent back to school in this folder.

Notes and Money: Notes and lunch money should be sent in separate envelopes with your child's name and room number on them. Lunch money envelopes should also have your child's pin number written on the outside. If your child buys lunch regularly, you can send the money in for the entire week. It will be credited to his or her account.

Supplies: A list of supplies should have been sent home in the spring. The supplies will be put in a community box and distributed as needed.

Labeling: Please label all personal items (coats, hat, gloves, gym shoes, lunch box, book bag, etc.). If these items are misplaced, it will be very difficult to recover them if they are not labeled.

Gym Shoes: The students will need a pair of gym shoes that will stay in their lockers to be used only for gym class.

Recess: All students are expected to participate in outdoor recess, as the weather permits. Be sure they are prepared for the weather. Students must wear boots from the first snow through March. Please send a note if your child needs to stay indoors due to illness.

Birthdays: Students may bring in a special treat for their birthday. Please send in a few extra just in case we have guests. If you are planning a birthday party for your child, it is best if the invitations are not sent to school. It may cause hurt feelings among the children who are not invited.

Poetry Notebooks: Each student will need to bring in a three ring binder. This will be used as a poetry notebook. The students will keep poems that we have read, that they write, and any favorite poems in the notebook. They will bring the notebook home to read to you. Please sign and date the Lucky Listener page in the front each time the notebook comes home.

Assessment: The students will be assessed through test scores, work samples and teacher observation.

Conferences/Progress Reports: Conferences for all students are scheduled each November. February conferences are scheduled as requested by either the teacher or the parent. A conference may be scheduled any time during the year as requested by a parent or teacher. Progress reports are sent home four times a year.

Planned Absences: Most work will be made up after the vacation, with a time limit based on the amount of time absent from school with a maximum of one week. It will be the parent's responsibility to supervise the make-up work. Children may be asked to keep a day-by-day diary of experiences and events of the vacation to be shared with the class.

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