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Monday, 11 April 2016 02:17


1) Set goals ahead of time

2) Use a planner at school and at home

3) Create a study area at home

4) Organize your notes

5) Assign yourself a study buddy

6) Complete one assignment at a time

7) Each evening, create a realistic schedule to accomplish your tasks

8) Keep your study periods the same length

9) Keep a positive attitude about studying

10) Fully concentrate on the material

11) Connect the information you're learning with past experiences and knowledge

12) Get actively involved with the information

13) Use mnemonics

14) Visualize words into pictures

15) Ask yourself questions

16) Take breaks

17) Eat some brain food

18) Keep a water bottle near your study area

19) Relax

20) Don't study when you're tired

21) Exercise

22) Dream on

23) Review, review, review

24) Review for a test or quiz by having an adult (or sibling) ask you questions

25) Celebrate your success

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