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Modern World History Resources

Course Syllabus

Modern World History Curriculum Map

Diagnostic Pre Test Friday August 31st

Unit 1 Resources

Scientific Revolution Chart (PDF)

Enlightenment Definition Note

Assignment: Primary and Secondary Sources about you

Philosophes and Enlightenment Ideas Notes

Enlightenment Ideas Spread to NA notes

Ch 6 Sect 3 Cornell Notes and Cornell Notes HOW TO guide

**Enlightenment Quiz Tuesday Sept 11th 2012**

Unit 1 Notebook Check #1 must include (due Tues Sept 11th)

a. Scientific Revolution Chart (5)

b. Primary and Secondary Source Biography (10)

c. Chapter 6 Section 3 Cornell Notes (Salons, Encyclopedia, Enlightenment Influence on the Arts,  Enlightened Despots) (5)

d. Enlightment Ideas in the Declaration of Independence

Intro to the French Revolution Notes

French Revolution Overview Notes

**QUIZ Friday 10/5 2012 covering the French Revolution and Napoleon

Unit 1 Notebook Check #2 due Friday 10/5

a. Quiz corrections

b. Unit 1 Short Answer Questions

c. Declaration of the Rights of Man Questions

d. Ch7 Sect 2 Cornell Notes

e. Napoleon Action Chart

Unit 1 Test Weds Oct 10th 2012   (See Unit 1 Study Guide)

Unit 1 Notebook Check #3

a. Quiz Corrections

b. Napoleon Mistake Chart

Napoleon Notes

Napoleon PPT assignment (Copy and Pasted into S:Drive, Drop Folder)

Enlightenment Research Assignment

French Revolution Newspaper Project

French Revolution Newspaper Project Evaluation Sheet

Unit 1Study Guide

Five Paragraph Essay Structure

Unit 1: Extended Response (5 Paragraph Essay)

Unit 2 Resources

Nationalism Notes

Industrial Revolution Intro Notes

Industrial Revolution Notes

Invention Research Project (Due Weds Nov 2nd)

Unions Notes

Unit 2 Notebook Check #1

a. Test Corrections

b. Enlightenment Extended Response (5 Paragraph Essay)

c. Aspects of Nationalism Diagram

d. Child Labor in the Mines Questions

Child Labor in the Mines Primary Source

Capitalism, Communism, Socialism Chart

Capitalism, Communism Notes

Extra Credit

Corporations and German Industrialization Chapter 9 section 3

Invention Homework

Walmart Chart

The Social Reformers

Reform Notes

DBQ: Different Perspectives of the Industrial Revolution

Immigration Notes and Positive Effects of IR

Unit 2 Review Questions

Unit 2 Review Terms

Unit 2 Take Home Essay

Unit 3 Resources

Intro to Imperialism Notes

Colonizers and Colonies Comparison Chart

Resistance in Africa Notes **November 21st and 22nd (students missing these days need to complete on their own)

European Explorers

Congo Letters to the Editor

Geopolitics and the Middle East

British India Notes 

American Imperialism Notes

Imperialism in China

Imperialism in Japan

Unit 3 Essay

Unit 3 Study Guide

Unit 4 Resources

WWI Intro notes 

Trench Warfare Webquest

Fronts of WWI PPT

Unit 4 Notebook Check #1

a. WWI Review (3 Paragraph Summary of WWI)

b.US Involvement in WWI Cornell Notes

c.  Woodrow Wilson's 14pts

d. Ending WWI Cornell Notes

e. Paris Peace Conference Essay

Treaty of Versailles Notes

Russian Revolution Notes

Semester 1 Exam STUDY GUIDE

Unit 5 Resources

Interwar Years Notes

Interwar Years Notes Cont

Fascism Notes

Hitler's Rise to Power Notes

Nuremberg Laws

Europe at War Notes

WWII Battles Research Assignment

China & Japan Notes

WWII in the Pacific Notes

WWII (Unit 5) Take Home Essay

Notebook Check #1

a. Ch 14 Section 2 Cornell Notes (Communism in the USSR)

b. Depression of the 1920's Budget

c. Solve Germany's Problems in the interwar years

d. Hitler: Rise of Evil Questions

e. Hitler Essay

Notebook Check #2

a. Quiz Corrections

b. Kristalnacht Summary

c. Ch 15 Section 3 & 4 Cornell Notes

d. Appeasement Political Cartoon

e. Hitler / Mussolini Comparison

f. Churchill questions

Notebook Check #3

a. Reflections on WWII

b.China and Japan Questions and ID terms

Notebook Check #4

a. Japanese Invasion of China Textbook Rewrite

b. Quiz Corrections

c. Anticipation Guide Ch16 Sect 2

d. Ch 16 Sect 4 & 5 Cornell Notes

Notebook Check #5

a. WWII Political Cartoons

b. Holocaust Questions

Unit 6

Introduction to the Cold War Notes

Korean War and Vietnam War Notes

Creation of Israel Notes

Iran in the Cold War Notes

What to do with Iraq Questions

Space Race Web-Quest

Cold War Propaganda Project

Middle East Essay

Unit 6 Study Guide

Cold War Take Home Essay

Cold War Extra Credit

Notebook Check #1

a. Unit 5 Test Corrections

b. Cold War Cornell Notes

c. Fall Out Shelter: From "The Nuclear Age"

d. Fidel Castro Video Questions

Notebook Check #2

a. Ch 17 Sect 2&3 Sheet

b. Ch 17 Sect 2 & 3 Sheet

Notebook Check #3

a. Middle East Current Event Articles

b. Quiz Corrections

c. What to do with Iraq Questions (see above)

d. Ending the Cold War Ch 17 Sect 5

e. Detente' Negotiations

Unit 7

Creation of Israel Notes

Indian Independence and Gandhi Notes

Gandhi Impact on India: Extended Response

Unit 7 Project

Semester 2 Exam STUDY GUIDE

Terrorism Research EXTRA CREDIT

Note Book Check #1

a. Unit 6 Test Corrections

b. Israel Cornell Notes and Questions

c. Gandhi Video Questions

d. Modern India Cornell Notes

Notebook Check #2

a.Apartheid Cornell Notes

b. Quiz Corrections

c. Gorbachev / Berlin Wall Questions

d. Ch 19 Section 4 Cornell Notes (Eastern Europe)

d. Ch 19 Sect 1& 2 Cornell Notes (Latin America)

Gandhi Essay

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