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September 8, 2012

Dear Students,

This school year, you and I will write letters to each other about books, reading, writers, and writing.  Our letters will help us to continue learning together.  The letters will help you learn more about reading.

When you write letters to me, do your best work and share your best thinking.  For example, you might:

  • Tell what you like or dislike about a book and why.
  • Tell about parts of your book that puzzled you or made you ask questions.
  • Write about something in the book that surprised you or that you found interesting.
  • Write your predictions and about whether your predictions were right.
  • Ask for help in figuring out the meaning of your book.
  • Tell about connections that you made while reading the book.  Tell how the book reminds you of yourself, of people you know, or of something that happened in your life.  It might remind you of other books, especially the events or the setting.
  • Write about the author’s style and how it makes you feel.
  • Write about the language the author used and why you think the author wrote this way.
  • Write about the author’s craft…what works about the way the author writes.

Write a letter to me once each week.  Use a letter form and include the title and author of your book.  I also want you to tell me what your reading goal was for the week.  You should tell me the reading strategy you have chosen to work on for the week and include examples of how you used the reading strategy as you read.  It is important that your letters are neat and easy to read so I can understand what you are thinking.  Read through your letter to make sure that is says all you want it to say before you turn it in.  The completed letter is due on the day indicated on the “Letters Due” chart.

When I read your letter, I will learn from you and we will learn together about books.  We will have fun getting to know each other and books!

Eager to read your letters,

Mrs. Lewis

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