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Monday, 11 April 2016 02:00

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We use a school wide discipline program in our school. Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


I believe that teaching students to make wise choices is very important. I believe it is my job to help children see the benefits of good decision-making. I emphasize that children have choices in disciplinary matters. Students are given a chance to change their behavior before a consequence is applied. I believe that discipline should always be fair and consistent.


I believe it is important as a teacher to prevent any discipline problems before they occur. I try to prevent the use of a negative consequence by doing the following:


  • I stick to an established classroom routine and keeping an organized classroom where students have access to materials that they need.
  • I plan lessons and activities that keep students engaged in their learning.
  • As I teach I move around the room, using my proximity to limit any disruptive behaviors.
  • I use non-verbal techniques to remind students of our rules, they include: a post-it note on a student’s desk, a tap on the shoulder, name on the board, or the hairy eye ball (the look of disapproval)
  • I get to know my students and have a personal relationship with each one.
  • I am fair, firm and consistent.
  • I model respect for my students. I listen to needs and keep eye contact as they speak.

 Guidelines for Classroom Behavior

  1. I think it is important that we as a class create guidelines together. However Hinckley has adopted this motto that will direct our guidelines.

Hands are for helping

I am responsible

Never hurt others

Can do attitude

Keep Hinckley clean

Listen to each other

Everyday show respect

Yea! Hinckley Elementary!


Consequences of Making Poor Choices

Students in my homeroom will receive a letter on their calendar for each rule they break. For example, if your child does not do their homework – they will receive an “I” on their calendar as they were not responsible.  At the end of each month, students who met the monthly goal will attend a special activity or extra recess.


If your child is experiencing problems consistently I will contact you about working together on an individual behavior plan.

Benefits of Making Good Choices


Individual Benefits

Praise                                      Positive Notes/Calls Home


Weekly Behavior Calendar Incentives

Students who meet the weekly goal will attend a special activity or extra recess.

Group Earned Benefits for following the rules:

When students follow the rules, we earn marbles. When we have filled our marble jar, the class may choose a prize such as popcorn, donuts, extra recess, etc.  


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