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Monday, 11 April 2016 01:36


This year your child will be receiving grades A-F for all subjects except for handwriting, art, gym, and music. They will receive O, S, and U for their effort. The grade is based on 100 percentage points. The grade given depends on the number of questions given on the assignment. For example, if there are 10 questions, then each is worth 10 percentage points. After the first nine weeks, a point will also be deducted for every word spelled incorrectly when expected to be copied, forget his/her name, or heading on paper improperly. If during the first semester your child receives a "D" or "F" on any homework assignment, he or she may correct his/her paper and improve the grade to a "C" oor better. Correcting papers will NOT be allowed the second semester.

Late Work

It is very important that classwork and homework be done correctly and on time.  Starting the second nine weeks, points will be deducted for late work. For everyday that the assignment is late, 2 points will be deducted from the total score.  In the second semester, 5 point will be deducted each day. 

Assignment Book

Every child has been given an assignment book. They are used in grades 3-5 in this building. We are all responsible for areas of this book. I, the teacher, am responsible for filling out the overhead chart accurately on a daily basis. I will make sure the students have enough time to fill out their books. The students are responsible for filling out the book accurately, taking it home, showing it to you, finishing the work assigned, and returning it to school signed. Parents are responsible for seeing that the work is done and for signing the book. This way everyone knows what is happening everyday in school. This book is also one way to communicate with me. If there are questions or concerns, parents can write them in the assignment book. I will respond promptly to your concerns, etc.

Take Home Folders

The take home folder is two fold. It should be black and have two pockets in it. One side is for papers that need  to be taken home and kept there. The other side is for homework or other papers that need to be checked and returned the next day. Please check this folder on a daily basis so you know what is happening everyday at school.


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