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Monday, 11 April 2016 01:28

Reading Program

We are working on a home/school reading program. The children will bring home books. Please read and practice the book. When you feel that your first grader is able to read the book pretty well sign the paper and send it back to school. One of our helpful volunteers will be listening to the children read and assigning him/her a new book. Please try and have your first grader read once per week. If you feel that the book is too difficult, simply jot a quick note on the slip and send it back and we will get a new book with them. In January the goal will be 5 or 6 books. If they reach their goal each month a pizza will be given at the end of the year.

Here are a few pointers when reading with children:

1. You may need to read the book to your child first or read along with her/him.

2. Encourage your child to point to the words and use the beginning letter and pictures when reading.

3. Talk about the story. Ask your child to predict what the story might be about and what might happen next.

4. When your child comes to a word he or she doesn't know, suggest rereading the first part of the sentence, looking at the pictures, and/or using beginning sounds.

5. Ask the questions: "Does it make sense?", "Does it sound right?", "Does the beginning sound of the word match the word you think it is?".

6. It is alright to tell your child a word when they are stuck.

7. Some children want their parents to spend a lot of time with them. Others want to work more independently. Follow your child's lead.

8. Always keep this special reading time positive.


Here are some great sites for your kids to check out:

Read Write Think

Read WriteThink Word Families

Starfall Phonics

Game Goo

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